Gefo Collection

Gold! Rare and precious. Man has been fascinated by its unique colour and glow over time.

Those of you who love gold in its natural colour, prepare to be amazed by our collection of (pendant) crosses in yellow gold.

Modern and classic designs in wonderful combinations for the most precious moments of your life.


Many decades ago, white gold became a choice for making jewellery of exceptional design. Soon, it was loved by both men and women. Those who prefer the simplicity and dynamism of the white colour, will surely find our series of crosses in white gold irresistible. You will be surprised by the variety of designs aiming to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

What if everything seems so conventional? If a yellow cross looks rather ordinary and a white cross too modern to you, you can still have an alternative option. For those of you who prefer a different colour, GEFO collection in pink is the choice. The warmth of pink metal combined with other colours and worked out with new techniques will offer the perfect choice for your unique personality!  

Yellow, white, pink or black? All colours seem perfect, and you can’t make your choice? No problem!  Dare to make the difference by combining different colours on the different sides of the cross and choose from our collection of bicoloured crosses! Creations of exceptional taste either in plain gold or decorated with gems will impress you and will become your everyday “must wear” jewellery!

Feeling comfortable in black? Do you fancy it even on your jewellery? If the answer is ‘yes’, we have what it takes. Crosses in pink, yellow and white gold combined with black rhodium for all of you who wish to make a difference. Make your choice from our unique series of crosses with black rhodium. After all it’s a trend!


In our ongoing effort to deliver complete solutions, we in “GEFO Collections” offer crosses with their chains as a set. Golden chains in plain lines combined perfectly with the colours and design of the crosses create playful images and change your mood. Single, double or even triple chains will add an extra to your personal choices.

Luxurious packaging

GEFO jewellery’s creations are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. All crosses are shipped in a luxurious packaging
The most beautiful gift for yourself and your beloved ones!


package photo

GEFO suggests

Engagement – Wedding

For your special moments in life!


Crosses for our sweet toddlers


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